Guest Blogger: 'Broken Mirror' by Charlotte Foust

Broken Mirror

by Charlotte Foust

I started my writing journey with little confidence in my own abilities. I had grave doubts as to whether anyone would want to hear anything I had to say. I began slowly, writing assigned articles, ghost writing, and working with an incredible mentor. Her coaching and constant encouragement kept me writing when I would have given up. I still struggle with doubts. And I keep writing. Not everything I have written will be published. I have learned a great deal about writing, but the most important thing I’ve learned is to keep writing. Every day.

Submitting a personal story for Life Choices was not an easy decision. Making the choice to expose the secret I have kept for 50 years was difficult. Even after the story was written, there were many times I wanted to pull it back. I waited until the last possible moment to sign the final release and approval to publish. In the end I had to let it go. I made the choice knowing that I am not alone in my experiences and in the hope that by being published it would let others know that they, too, are not alone.

The writing of the story brought understanding and healing to me. Because of it I am finding my voice, a voice I have long ignored. There is a larger story that must be told.

It is estimated that there are 60 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the United States today. It is the most closely guarded family secret. We are blamed. We are shunned. We are abandoned, by our families, by society, and even by our abusers. We are taught to believe that we are alone in our suffering. With 60 million of us, in any group of people, we are standing with at least one other survivor. We don’t wear badges or special clothing. There is nothing about us that would make us easily recognizable. It is easy to hide. But we are there.

Not only am I an author, I am free. Free of the secret that has shadowed me most of my life. Life Choices was a life changing book for me…and hopefully for its readers.

Though her heart lives in the redwoods of northern California, Charlotte Foust’s career as a dancer led her to make Las Vegas her home forty-two years ago. Before becoming executive assistant to a motivational speaker and author, the twists and turns of life took her through successful careers not only as a dancer, but also in sales and marketing, cosmetology, and the title and escrow industry. As the owner/director of a ballroom dance studio, she developed a program of creative and therapeutic dance for the intellectually challenged community of Las Vegas. She has enjoyed countless hours volunteering with Special Olympics, Children’s Miracle Network and numerous local Las Vegas organizations. Driven by the desire to find balance and harmony, she pursued spiritual studies throughout her journey, finally putting her on a path toward ministry. Charlotte currently serves as associate minister of Unity Church of Las Vegas.

Charlotte is also the co-author of Judi Moreo's Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together.
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