Book Spotlight: 'Lessons from Stanley the Cat' by Dr. Jennifer Freed

Seduction is just the practice of artful stretching.

Never let people know how fast you are.

Appear slow in all things, and less is expected of you.

When someone is on the computer too long, help them by distracting them, or walk lightly on their keyboard.

So advises Stanley, a remarkably astute cat with a keen eye for the important things in life. Perhaps you don’t have time for yoga, can’t afford therapy, or wouldn’t dare cry to mother. If so, let Stanley be your guide. Lessons from Stanley the Cat offers wise and witty maxims from Stanley himself, translated by his doting psychotherapist (human) parent, Jennifer Freed. Whether you’re a cat lover or prefer companions of the canine variety, Stanley’s warmth and insight are sure to brighten even the grayest days.

This is the delightful premise of Dr. Jennifer Freed's self-help humor book, Lessons from Stanley the Cat, just released from Penguin Books.

Here's a short but very sweet excerpt:

When do you really take vacation? When you are no where near a computer device.

* * *

Whoosh I just leaped over the solar eclipse and landed in a country that doesn’t know if all people should have health care…

* * *

Caring about what other people think of you is like taking a bath with a rattle snake….

Watch more of Stanley!

If you'd like to pick up your copy of Lessons From Stanley the Cat by Dr. Jennifer Freed, run (don't walk) over to Amazon! Or, if you'd like to find out more about Stanley and Dr. Freed, visit their website at

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  1. I have this book and I can't wait to read it. We have 4 cats here, so I'm sure we'll love it.


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