Pump Up Your Book Announces L.L. Reaper's 'Black Widow and the Sandman Virtual Book Tour '

Pump Up Your Book is proud to announce LL Reaper's Black Widow and the Sandman Virtual Book Tour which begins June 20 and ends August 12 2011.

L.L. Reaper is two multi-published, award-winning authors who decided to write under a pen name for their dangerously sexy suspense series, Black Widow and the Sandman. Black Widow and the Sandman begins with children in Cuba suffering an agonizing death. The cause, a toxin released by a terrorist organization hell bent on genocide. The scientific community is at a loss, and the Cuban government can no longer hide the truth from its citizens. Cuba’s only chance lies in the capable hands of a reclusive scientist from the country they believe is behind this terrorist attack, the United States of America. Roman “The Sandman ” Tate is the most sought after mercenary in the world. When he is ordered to protect scientist Jeanette “Black Widow ” Mason, he finds she is much more than scientific equations. The two join forces to create an antidote and stop those responsible for the mysterious illness before more children die and Cuba follows through on its promise to retaliate.

Midwest Book Reviews says, "As genocide looms, hope may come in what you believe to be the enemy. “Black Widow and the Sandman” follows Roman Tate, a mercenary called the Sandman, as he protects Cuba’s only hope against a deadly biological weapon, an American scientist Jeanette Mason. A riveting novel of action, adventure and terrorism, “Black Widow and the Sandman” is a fun read that will be hard to pit down.”

Join the writing team as they tour the blogosphere June 20 through August 12 promoting their book. You'll be able to find out more about the authors as well as winning free copies of their thriller suspense novel, Black Widow and the Sandman. Don't forget to stop by and chat with them personally at the Facebook party at the end of the month. To find out where they'll be heading, check out their tour schedule at www.pumpupyourbook.com/2011/05/28/black-widow-and-the-sandman-virtual-book-tour-june-july-august-2011. Stop by and say hello. They love their fans as well as hearing from them!

You can visit L.L. Reaper's official website at www.llreaper.com or connect with them at Twitter at www.twitter.com/llreaper and Facebook at www.facebook.com/AuthorLLReaper.

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