Interview with Denise Robbins, author of 'Phish NET Stalkings'

High-tech becomes high-risk in Denise Robbins’ novels. The New Hampshire based author uses two decades of experience in computers to explore the killer possibilities in technology. Denise integrates her knowledge of computers and technology along with secrets, intrigue, suspense, and even a little romance into all of her techno-romantic thriller novels. Readers and reviewers agree Denise writes stories that will keep you at the edge of your seat and clamoring for more.

Her latest book is Phish NET Stalkings.

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All she wanted was to find love. Was that too much to ask? How difficult could it be to find one man, the perfect man for her?

After dating the losers of the century, Jane decides there has to be a better way. She turns to an online dating service. After all, they guarantee a ‘happily ever after’ or your money back.

Jane East, CEO of Not-So- Plain- Jane’s organic cosmetics wants to fall in love with a man who makes her toes curl when he kisses her. Unfortunately, the one man who makes her toes curl also wears ladies’ pink underwear and a badge. The pink underwear she could probably deal with, but the badge is a different story.

Ever since seeing her mother and granny Pearl murdered by men with badges, Jane has a fear of cops and anyone who carries a badge. Especially, because the killers are still on the loose and searching for her.

Former FBI Cybercrime special agent turned small-town Chief of Police, Cooper Chance, gets caught with his pants down and his family jewels tucked in pink ladies’ underwear with lacy frills when he meets the woman of his dreams. That’s not his only issue. The woman has a fear of cops. If he can get past her guard, maybe he can save her life.

Q: Welcome to The Writer's Life, Denise. Can you tell us how long you’ve been writing and how your journey led to writing your latest book, Phish Net Stalkings?

I’ve been writing since 2003. I started writing my first novel when I was unemployed. It took years to complete thanks to going back to work and learning the craft of fiction writing. But what fun!

Phish Net Stalkings is my fifth novel and came about because of all the Internet phishing scams we receive in our emails every day.

Q: How did you choose your title and was it your first choice?

Great question! I was talking with the guys I work with one day and we bounced ideas off the top of our heads. Then one of the guys, Tony Pimentel came up with Phish Net Stalkings and it was perfect!

Q: We all know that publishers can’t do all of the publicity and that some lies on the author. What has your publisher done so far to publicize the book and what have you done?

Hm. My publisher has a website and they post stuff there, they of course belong to other groups where the information is passed on but that’s about it. Me? I have put out press releases, use Facebook and Twitter to announce the book and events, along with my blog (which I admit is not always kept up, depending on my writing). I reach out to book bloggers that I know and I put in requests for book reviews. Of course, the greatest thing I do to publicize my book is give copies away. The more the book is read, the more someone will pass my name on.

Q: Open to a random page in your book. Can you tell us what is happening?

HA! I just happen to have a copy of it with me. The heroine is at a flea market looking for a very special gift for her mentor and business partner.

Q: Do you plan subsequent books?

So glad you asked. I literally just finished writing THE END in my sixth novel. It’s a book from my heart and I hope you all will read and love it when it comes out.

Q: What is the one thing you learned about your book AFTER it was published?

That for some reason everyone who reads it says it’s my best book yet. I think it’s because of the ending.

Q: What is your most favorite time of the day or night to write?

Morning. I am up so early that my energy is overflowing in the morning, especially after I have gone for a two-mile run.

Q: What is usually better – the book or the movie?

I have never seen a movie be better than a book. There are too many pieces that don’t come out in a movie. It’s kind of like listening to an abridged book. You get the idea, but miss the heart.

Q: You’re about to write your next book. What did you learn from your previous book to help you write your next book?

I learned that knowing my characters inside and out brings them to life. The hero and heroine are practically my best friends and I swear they did not want me to stop writing their story. Not kidding!

Q: Finally, what’s your best tip you can give to writers who want to be published?

Write! Beyond writing, don’t give up. Rejection is part of the game. Learn and move on. Find the next one. Someone will want to read what you have written.

Q: Thank you for your interview, Denise. Do you have any final words?

Thanks for letting me join you here today. I hope you enjoy reading Phish Net Stalkings as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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