Book Spotlight: Super Luke Faces His Bully by Dr. Jackie C. Cogswell

Super Luke Faces His Bully is a fun loving adventure spoken straight from the heart of a super-sweet eight-year-old bully victim, Luke Giggleheart. The Word of God is used as a lens to examine some of the issues that can make a person act like either a bully or a victim. During this adventure, Luke, our tender-hearted bully victim, learns about fear, being courageous and getting adults to help, while praying for his enemies.

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Getting back to growing pains, my most humongous pain was when Bulldog Jones, the fifth grade bully, decided to be my bully. His real name is Harry, but because he is so mean, kids just call him Bulldog. For some reason, Bulldog didn’t like me. I’m not really sure why. My best friend, Mario Martinez, told me that Bulldog doesn’t need a reason to be mean, his hobby is being MEAN!

Mario once got so scared of Bulldog that he developed a red, itchy rash on his face and arms! Bulldog was so mean that he laughed as Mario scratched his arms over and over like a dog with a fresh case of fleas!

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"I cannot recommend this book highly enough."
--My Devotional Thoughts

"I give this book and the author 2 thumbs up and would give more if I had them."
--4 the Love of Books

"Bullying is certainly a very real problem that many kids have to face today, so it’s great to see a book written from a Biblical perspective that’s intended to assist those who are dealing with the toxic effects of bullying."
--Home School Book Review

Dr. Jackie Chirco Cogswell is a family physician, wife, mother, former school teacher, and author of a series of Christian children’s novels, the Giggleheart Adventure Series. As a Christian mother, the issue of bullying became personal to her when her son was bullied at school. Through the many struggles her son had with bullies, Dr. Jackie learned from firsthand experience how to tackle bullying from a Biblical perspective. “Super Luke Faces His Bully” was inspired by her son’s personal struggle and the good Lord Who equips us for every battle and gives us strength.”

Visit her online at to learn more or to order your copy of Super Luke Faces  His Bully.
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