Interview with Darlene Pitts, author of "Let's Talk Intuition"


Darlene Pitts is an intuition consultant, speaker, and author of two books: Discover Your Intuition and Let’s Talk Intuition. She is also the creator of the “Abundant Living Cards” designed to help people use their intuition to create financial success.
She discovered her own intuition in 1994, after an angelic encounter during sleep and several prophetic dreams. She teaches people how to use their intuition in twenty-eight areas of life, including career, finances, health, personal relationships, and spiritual growth. Her mission includes spreading the joys and benefits of living the intuitive way.
You can visit her at :
Q: Welcome to The Writer's Life, Darlene. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how long you’ve been writing?

A: I started writing poems and songs as a child growing up in TN. In a quiet rural environment, I wrote about joy, hope, injustice, and oppression—dynamics I witnessed and experienced. My poems about enduring love touched my classmates and teachers the most. I continued writing just for the “love of it” throughout high school, in the military, and in corporate America where my IT jobs included technical writing. My favorite genres are inspiration and horror. As an adult, I decided to write about intuition because it makes room for both genres and others. It also supports my goal for my writings to be educational, inspiring, and entertaining.

Q: Can you please tell us about your book and why you wrote it?

A: I wrote Let's Talk Intuition to help people understand how to use their intuition every day and in twenty-eight areas of life. The top five areas of life that grab people’s interest are their career, family and friends, finances, health, and relationships. The 121 questions in the book are based on what clients have asked me about their intuition and intuition in general.

Q: What were some of the biggest challenges you faced writing it?

A: The biggest challenge I faced when writing Let's Talk Intuition was maintaining my focus and energy to get back on my computer at home and continue to write, after spending several hours on a computer writing technical documentation at my corporate job. I set my intent to keep writing and paced myself. I wrote more on some days than others.

Q: Do you have a press kit and what do you include in it?  Does this press kit appear online and, if so, can you provide a link to where we can see it?

A: My press kit includes my photo, bio, and book’s fact sheet and press release. It also includes links to my TV/Radio appearances, articles and reports, intuition top ten lists, intuition facts, and intuition tips sheet. My press kit is located at

Q: Have you either spoken to groups of people about your book or appeared on radio or TV?  What are your upcoming plans for doing so?

A: Yes, I have spoken to different audiences about Let’s Talk Intuition and recently appeared on, an Internet-based TV show. My plans are to continue promoting my book and speaking about intuition and intuitive experiences through other radio and TV programs.

Q: Do you have an agent and, if so, would you mind sharing who he/is is?  If not, have you ever had an agent or do you even feel it’s necessary to have one?

A: I don’t have a literary agent and have never had one. I believe a literary agent is beneficial for interactions with traditional publishers.

Q: Did you, your agent or publisher prepare a media blitz before the book came out and would you like to tell us about it?

A: I didn’t prepare a media blitz before my book was published. I promoted Let’s Talk Intuition through word-of-mouth and email/website/social media marketing campaigns.

Q: Do you plan subsequent books?

A: I am revising my book Discover Your Intuition which will be published later in 2012. I am also writing an ebook about the Afterlife because many people ask questions about their loved ones who have passed away.
Q: Thank you for your interview, Darlene. Would you like to tell my readers where they can find you on the web and how everyone can buy your book?

A: You can find me on my main website: and my blog site: Both sites include information about intuition and intuitive readings. You can view my intuition tweets on my Twitter site: You can purchase Let’s Talk Intuition at and or your local bookstore can order it. You can also purchase my Abundant Living cards at


How do I trust my intuition? Can my intuition help me reduce stress? How do I use my intuition to find a good relationship? In Let’s Talk Intuition, intuition consultant Darlene Pitts answers these questions and many others clients have asked her over ten years, to show you how quick and easy it is to use your intuition at home, work, school, and play right now. She describes the ways your intuition helps you save money, time, and energy in twenty-eight areas of life, including career, finances, health, and relationships. Included is her three-step process to ask your intuition questions about any life situation and sense accurate answers.

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