Guest Blogger Kat Flannery Talks About Promotion

Promotion is the key to success for any writer. You can have the best book in the world, but it won’t get read without promoting it to your readers, reviewers, bloggers and journalists, etc. When I started out writing years ago I knew that marketing was the answer to getting your name out there.

I wrote articles, opinion pieces, lists, and ads all with the plan to get my name recognized. I knew I wanted to be a fiction writer. The road was a long one, and so in between the writing and the editing I wrote for other venues. I strived to keep my name in print.

Now that I’m a published author, I work ten times harder to promote my books. Yes, my publisher Imajin Books does promotion, but its 2013 and you are not only expected to market, it’s also a major credential when sending manuscripts to publishers. They want to know if you’re willing to put your time into marketing your book, and why wouldn’t you?

When I have a new release out I can spend up to five hours a day marketing it. I talk to reviewers, fans, and bloggers. I post things to my facebook page, tweet, blog about the process of writing the book and hold contests. I don’t only want to sell books, but I want my readers to get a sense of who I am. I want to connect with them on a personal level. I love to interact with my readers. When I receive fan mail I always write them back. 

Kat Flannery has loved writing ever since she was a girl. She is often seen jotting her ideas down in a little black book. When not writing, or researching, Kat enjoys snuggling on her couch with a hot chocolate and a great book. 
Her first novel, CHASING CLOVERS became an Amazon’s bestseller in Historical and Western romance. This is Kat’s second book, and she is currently hard at work on the third. 
When not focusing on her creative passions, Kat is busy with her three boys and doting husband.

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