20 Questions with 'Brimstone and Water' Sharon House

It's time to play 20 Questions!  Today's guest is Sharon House, author of the historical romance, Brimstone and Water.  Cool title, eh?  Sharon and her husband Jon are retired and currently spend six months of the year in southwest Michigan wine country while traveling to warmer climates through the winter months.  They have a married son and married daughter, gaining a daughter and son, and four very lively grandsons ranging in age from teenagers to adolescent to toddler.  In college Sharon was a voice major with an English minor and loves to sing in her local church choir.  She credits writing to her maternal grandfather who owned and edited a small town newspaper in the early part of the 20th century and left a little ink in her veins.  Visit her website at www.sharonhouse.tateauthor.com.

~ Book Description ~

Brimstone and Water

 Orphaned as a toddler, Caralynn Davidson grieves the loss of her grandfather as she takes over the reins of the family estate near a small Swiss village, but the Brimstone and Water from millennia ago that destroyed an ancient civilization is about to change Caralynn’s life. She receives a letter from her grandfather, charging her with the mission of bringing an ancient soul to rest. “But I thought only God could bring a soul to rest,” she whispers with the loosely held pages still in her hand.

Mynah is Caralynn’s ancestor who is princess of Crete when the under gods attack. Mynah is transplanted into the exotic but foreign world of Egypt, where she learns that she can be welcomed into a new family but will never be able to rest until she is returned to her beloved Crete. Hoping that one day she will rejoin her family, Mynah tells her daughter and her daughter’s daughters that they must satisfy her ultimate desire
For generations, Mynah has visited the women in Caralynn’s family, and now Caralynn knows the time has come to visit Mynah herself. She learns in this compelling story about love and a soul crying out to be free that even Brimstone and Water cannot keep a family apart.

20 Questions with Sharon House

1.     Are you a morning writer or a night writer?  Night writer
2.     Do you outline or are you a pantster?  More a panster/calendar for history
3.     Which comes first – plot or character? character
4.     Noise or quiet when working on your manuscript?  quiet
5.     Favorite TV show?  NCIS
6.     Favorite type of music?  Cursillo
7.     Favorite craft besides writing?  singing
8.     Do you play a musical instrument?  Voice
9.     Single or married?  Married
10. Children or no?  Son and daughter
11. Pets?  Cats
12. Favorite place to write?  In my recliner
13. Favorite restaurant?  Big T in Lawton, MI
14. Do you work outside the home?  Retired
15. What was the name of the last movie you saw?  2012
16. Favorite outdoor activity?  swimming
17. Pet peeve?  Forgetting shopping list
18. Your goal in life?  To be of help to those around me
19. Your most exciting moment?  Seeing my youngest grandsons birth
20. The love of your life?   My husband, Jon

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