5 Things You Should Know About Your Thyroid Diagnosis by Dr. Steven Hotze, author of Hypothyroidism, Health and Happiness


Have you ever thought to yourself, “I think I might have a thyroid problem. I’m tired all the time, no matter how much I exercise, I can’t seem to lose weight, my hair’s falling out, and overall I just feel blah.” If so, it is essential that you explore the very real possibility that indeed, you do have hypothyroidism. In Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness, Dr. Steven Hotze reveals how commonly hypothyroidism is overlooked, misdiagnosed, and mistreated in women and men, and gives you just the information you need to prepare yourself to obtain help.
Too often, individuals with all the signs of low thyroid are prevented from accessing the simple, inexpensive and effective treatment for hypothyroidism. Instead, they are told their blood work is “normal.” Find out why they owe it to themselves to believe what their bodies are telling them, rather than the results of their blood tests.
Dr. Hotze has been on a mission to get this message into the hands of women and men, particularly those in midlife, for more than 20 years. The answers you will find in this book about the signs, symptoms and treatment of low thyroid conditions are no longer a part of the conventional medical approach to hypothyroidism.
Inside, you will learn:
The historical basis for identifying and treating hypothyroidism Underlying causes of hypothyroidism Clinical signs and symptoms that may mean you have hypothyroidism The little-used thyroid blood test that identifies thyroid disorders in spite of a “normal” TSH Other individuals just like you who are now healthy, well, and thriving Simple at-home test you can do as a starting point towards discovering if you have low thyroid And more Dr. Hotze has a saying, “If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you owe it to yourself to take charge of your health and get your life back.” By arming yourself with the information in this book you can take the first step towards restoring your health, transforming your life and improving your world.

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5 Things You Should Know About Your Thyroid Diagnosis

1.   Lab results should not be the sole determining factor of your thyroid status. You can be hypothyroid even if your blood work reveals that you are in the “normal range.” The range is very broad and does not reveal your optimal thyroid level. Hypothyroidism should be determined by an evaluation of your symptoms and clinical history.

2.   There are several symptoms and chronic illnesses related to hypothyroidism: loss of energy, fatigue, muscle/join pain, difficulty losing weight, hair loss, dry skin, cold hands and feet, depression, anxiety, high cholesterol, heart disease and many more.  Because the symptoms are so varied, this is one reason why hypothyroidism is commonly misdiagnosed.

3.   You can be hypothyroid and not be overweight. This is a common misconception about hypothyroidism. You do not have to have every hypothyroid symptom to be diagnosed with this illness.

4.   Fibromyalgia is often caused by hypothyroidism and can be safely, effectively and naturally treated. Fibromyalgia is not a diagnosis, rather it is a symptom. The term “fibromyalgia” simply means muscle pain in Latin and there is no clear explanation of the root cause.

5.   Synthetic thyroid drugs, i.e. Synthroid, Levoxyl or Levothroid,  are not optimal treatments for hypothyroidism, because they only contain the inactive form of thyroid (T4). Desiccated thyroid which is natural dried thyroid, often derived from pig glands, is the optimal treatment for hypothyroidism because it contains both the inactive form of thyroid (T4) and the active form of thyroid (T3). 


Steven F. Hotze, M.D., is the founder and CEO of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center, Physician’s Preference and Hotze Pharmacy. His goal is to change the way women and men are treated in midlife through the use of bioidentical hormone therapy. His 8-Point Treatment Regimen has helped thousands of individuals to get on a path of health and wellness and enjoy a better quality of life in an environment of extraordinary hospitality and guest service.
Dr. Hotze is the author of the book, “Hormones, Health, and Happiness”. In it he describes his journey from using pharmaceutical drugs to actively listening to his patients and treating the root cause of their symptoms through natural approaches. “For an acute illness, such as strep throat or a sinus infection, the drug approach may be appropriate. However, few patients with chronic ailments ever really get well by taking drugs. How can they? Chronic illness and disease are not caused by deficiencies of prescription drugs.”
Suzanne Somers dedicated an entire chapter to Dr. Hotze in her New York Times best seller, “Breakthrough”. “This Texan doctor is going to steal your heart,” writes Somers. “He has so much energy he can’t wait to get to his office each day. He has built up a practice that is the envy of doctors everywhere.”
Dr. Hotze has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows across the nation, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates, and CBS’ The Morning Show. He is also a regular guest on the KHOU Channel 11 morning program, Great Day Houston.
Dr. Hotze is a member of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and is former president of the Pan American Allergy Society.
You can listen to Dr. Hotze and his colleagues on his radio program, “Health and Wellness Solutions”, which airs Monday-Thursday on KSEV 700 AM in Houston from 12-1 p.m. CST, or online on this website. – See more at: http://www.hotzehwc.com/en-US/Health-Wellness-Center.aspx#sthash.jKocO34s.dpuf
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