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We are so excited to be part of Kaylin McFarren's Buried Threads blog tour!  Today the ever so talented Kaylin McFarren is interviewing Chase Cohen from her romantic/erotic/suspense novel, Buried Threads!  Be sure to enter the $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway after the interview!

Interview with Chase Cohen

Kaylin McFarren: “Hello everyone! Today I’m interviewing Chase Cohen, one of the main characters from my Threads series. For those who haven’t read the first book,Severed Threads, this awry gentleman is a dedicated salvager who has traveled the world scuba diving for hidden treasure. He’s in his mid-thirties, has shaggy blond hair and sea blue eyes, and a permanent 5 o’clock shadow. So tell me, Chase, how was your latest adventure in Buried Threads?”

Chase: “How would you feel being dropped into the middle of Tokyo during the hottest month of the year and spending the next 5 days risking your life and limbs to recover a priceless treasure you would never actually own?”

Kaylin: “Well, when you put it that way, I suppose I might have been asking a lot. But hey…you’ve got the skills and muscles and seem to have survived without too many problems.”

Chase: “Problems? Sharks, booby-trapped caves, haunted tombs…the list goes on and on. To tell you the truth, I’m surprised I’m still standing.”

Kaylin: Hmmm…I see the point. So how’d you manage with a foreign language?”

Chase: "I’m telling youthese guys rattle shit off a hundred miles an hour. I only studied on the plane ride for three hours before falling asleep from boredom. But that wouldn’t have happened if Rachel Lyons had come along instead of waiting another four days to join me. That girl is crazy beautiful, intelligent and more curious than a dog with a rat hole. Unfortunately, she’s got her father’s temper and knows how to use it…especially when I hung out with a beautiful geisha and didn’t show up on time.”

Kaylin: “Does that mean you didn’twin Rachel’s affection this time around?”

Chase: “Ahhh…sorry, Kaylin. I guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out.”

About the Book:

Rachel’s mouth sagged. “You mean you’re really a monk? But how’s that possible? You’re not even wearing a robe, and your hair…” 

He simply smiled.

 A disturbing prophecy sends a treasure hunting duo on an urgent race to rescue a country in Kaylin McFarren’s heart pounding new novel,  Buried Threads. Full of erotic suspense and wild adventures, this is one trip that readers will never forget!

Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen work together as the successful owners of a treasure hunting company. But a seemingly simply assignment – to track down a priceless gem that is believed to buried in a shipwreck deep within the Sea of Japan – takes a starling, and dangerous, turn.

Faced with a monk’s dark prophecy that a natural disaster will soon strike Japan, killing millions, Rachel and Chase must embark on the mission of a lifetime in order to uncover the three cursed samurai swords that can avert the catastrophe.

Chaos ensues as their adventure takes them from shark infested waters and creepy caves to haunted hidden tombs and a confrontation with Yakuza gang members.

Time is running out as the prophecy’s day of reckoning draws near. Will Rachel and Chase succeed before disaster strikes?

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About the Author:

Kaylin McFarren is a California native who has enjoyed traveling around the world. She previously worked as director for a fine art gallery, where she helped foster the careers of various artists before feeling the urge to satisfy her won creative impulses. 

Since launching her writing career, McFarren has earned more than a dozen literary awards in addition to a finalist spot in the 2008 RWA Golden Heart Contest. A member of RWA, Rose City Romance Writers, and Willamette Writers, she also lends her 
participation and support to various charitable and educational organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

McFarren currently lives with her husband in Oregon. They have three children and two grandchildren.

Her latest book is Buried Threads (Book 2 of the Threads series).

Visit her website at www.kaylinmcfarren.com.

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