Interview with T c Tombs, author of Run with the Wolves


It is the fifteenth century, and three kingdoms are caught up in the dire conflicts of their time. As the possibility of a peaceful resolution provides hope that a decade-long war will finally end, no one realizes that dark forces are waiting to invoke chaos as a full moon rises. On a farm nestled beneath the Euralene Mountains along the western border of Medinia, young Willie works for the Smythes as a serf. One moonlit evening when the Smythes are gone to a neighbouring village, Willie hears the terrified cries of animals in the pastures. When he goes to investigate, he discovers that this wolf pack attack is like no other. Badly injured during the raid, he survives—but now he is afflicted by the full-moon madness that will soon transform him into one of the wolf creatures he dreads. With his life seemingly warped forever, Willie must face the prospect of a lifelong descent into horror. In a time of witchcraft, superstitious folk lore, and fearsome creatures roaming the night, Willie struggles with an uncertain destiny and must seek help from the one man he holds most responsible for the dark fate that awaits him during the next full moon cycle. “Beware of the full moon. This one is for all of the werewolf lovers!” —Top Book Reviewers A well-written and addictive first novel. —Blue Ink Review A well-developed, tightly plotted fantasy; readers will want installments two and three. —Kirkus Reviews

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Can you please tell us about your book and why you wrote it?

The 'Run with the Wolves' series ('The Pack', 'The Oracle', and 'The Beast') is a fantasy adventure set in the turbulent times of 15th century Europe. The saga began with the writing of the lyrics to 3 songs for a Halloween concert. One was about a wolf-man, one was about a vampire-like character, and one was about a group called the Oddities - rejects from society. Those songs had the common element of people who were faced with afflictions beyond their control and the trials and tribulations they were forced to face. I decided to write that story. Ten years, 3 books, and 48 songs later here we are.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced writing it?

The biggest challenge I think any writer faces is in devoting the amount of time that is needed to take on a major project like this - with no guarantee that his or her work will ever see the light of day - or if it does, that anyone will like it. You just have to dive into the deep end and have faith in your abilities.

Do you plan subsequent books?

I really enjoyed the writing of this series. The nature of the saga and the characters would allow for a prequel or a sequel. I've been considering a jump ahead in time and bringing the story to North America during the time of the Salem Witch trials.

When and why did you begin writing?

 I've been an avid reader since I was a small child. I loved books that I could get lost in the world the author created. They were like grand adventures - full of peril and promise. I love the art of story telling and I began writing my own stories as a child as well. Later on I wrote lyrics for various bands, short stories for school projects and my own amusement, and finally this project many years later.

What is your greatest strength as an author?

I like to think I have a talent for the weaving a number of plot lines that leave the reader in suspense as to the eventual outcome of each. I try to create empathy for every major character - whether they are a protagonist or an antagonist. Every person is flawed in some way and every person has to make hard decisions at times. Which road will they choose? There's the potential for good and evil in us all and the choices we make aren't always black and white. Sometimes the consequences of one's actions can't be known. Elements like these make for a roller-coaster ride of a read - and a story that's hard to put down.

Did writing this book teach you anything?

Yes, I did a great deal of research in the writing of this series. The 15th century in Europe was a time of the renaissance and great advancements; and it was the time of the inquisition and terrible repressions. It made for a fascinating setting for 'Run with the Wolves'.

I hope you'll pick up a copy and enjoy the adventure!


T c TOMBS earned degrees from Trent University and Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada. Like many Canadians, he loves hockey and golf, and he has a passion for medieval history, folk lore, literature, film, and music. Terry and his wife, Sandra, live in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, where they have raised five daughters.

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