A Day in the Life of Mystery Author David Burnsworth

A Day in the Life is The Writer’s Life newest feature. Here we get a glimpse into our favorite author’s day-to-day life, but in today's post, we get a glimpse into Brack Pelton's life, the main character of David Burnsworth new mystery/southern noir, Southern Heat.

“What’s a glimpse of my day-to-day life? Haven’t had that one before. Most of the time, all you media people care about is why I allegedly blew up some car or shot a particular model citizen. Forgive me
if I have to think about my answer before I give it.
“Mind if I smoke?
“You want a cigar? I burned through my Cubans. These are Dominican. Not bad, either.
“Here, let me light it for you.
“Okay, where were we? A day in the life of me. Well, I inherited a bar on the Isle of Palms, an island just east of Charleston, S.C., so that keeps me pretty busy. Lucky for me, I’ve got a great manager for the place. Her name’s Paige and she is awesome. A very hard-working single mom. My role is what you’d call marketing and advertising. My uncle owned the place. After he was killed, I got it. Both he and I made the news about the whole thing. In one of those ‘guilt by association’ type deals, so did the bar. It’s amazing what kind of free press you get by shooting a few people. Seems like every time I get hauled in by the police for questioning, the bar exceeds maximum occupancy. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because the fans are afraid the best dive on the island will close if I’m convicted of something. Well, I only pull the trigger in self-defense type situations so I try to minimize the risk.
“When I’m not selling Hurricanes and Margaritas to tourists, I like spending time with my dog, Shelby. I got him from a shelter last year. He’s a mixed breed, and can attract more women than anyone you can think of. When that happens, I might as well not even be in the room. They all rush him at once, and he’s got like four and five of them scratching his neck or, his favorite, rubbing his belly. And I have to wait for him to decide he’s ready to move on, the mutt.
“When it’s just Shelby and me, we like to play fetch on the beach. He’s got his favorite tennis ball and he’ll chase it down a few times.  And then we go swimming.  There is no problem a dip in the Atlantic Ocean won’t help.
“I guess that about sums it up. The bar, the beach, and my dog. I like fast cars too. Used to race them, but that was a long time ago and we’re not going there today.
“Anything else?
“How do you like the smoke?”

About the Author:

David Burnsworth became fascinated with the Deep South at a young age. After a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee and fifteen years in the corporate world, he made the decision to write a novel. Southern Heat is his first mystery. Having lived in Charleston on Sullivan’s Island for five years, the setting was a foregone conclusion. He and his wife along with their dog call South Carolina home.

His latest book is the southern noir/mystery, Southern Heat.

Visit his website at www.davidburnsworthbooks.com.

About the Book:

Gunshots echo down an antebellum Charleston alley. Brack Pelton, an ex-racecar driver and Afghanistan War veteran, witnesses the murder of his uncle, Reggie Sails. Darcy Wells, the pretty Palmetto Pulse reporter, investigates Reggie's murder and targets Brack.

The sole heir of his uncle's estate, Brack receives a rundown bar called the Pirate's Cove, a rotting beach house, and one hundred acres of preserved and valuable wetland along the Ashley River. A member of Charleston's wealthiest and oldest families offers Brack four million dollars for the land. All Brack wants is his uncle's killer.

From the sandy beaches of Isle of Palms, through the nineteenth-century mansions lining the historic Battery, to the marshlands surrounding the county, Southern Heat is drenched in the humidity of the lowcountry.

Purchase your copy at AMAZON

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