Guest post by Children's Author Deanna Klingel: "Writing the Story"

I can’t imagine trying to have a writing career while raising a family. I see many writers on facebook who are doing it. I couldn’t have done that. I could multi-task with the best, and certainly being a full-time mom of seven, mom of fosters, wife, religion teacher, Scout leader and soccer mom all require that skill. But what I’ve observed about multi- tasking things that require focus is one can do it, but not necessarily well. So for many years being mom was my full time commitment. I loved every moment and took pride in my job. It wasn’t until the last child fledged the nest and my husband retired that I put that commitment to writing.
I’m really fortunate that I have a totally supportive husband. He put French doors on my loft studio so I can’t hear the TV. He knows I give my all to whatever it is I’m doing. When I’m writing the story every piece of me is involved, my head, my fingers, my emotions, they are all out there, raw and exposed. Even my appetite cooperates; I’m not hungry. My husband never complains; he gets us something to eat. I eat, but he knows I won’t have much to say, not good company. My brain is processing in another time, another place. I don’t pull all- nighters like a lot of writers do.  I can’t. I go to bed at ten and get up refreshed and focused. It’s the way I work on a story.

My work day every day involves writing. Queries, outlines, synopsis, submissions, editing, marketing plans and letters, electronic posts, all of it is writing. It all requires discipline to sit down and do it. But, I can be up and down, walk the dog, fix supper, fold laundry, change hats. I get it all done. But when I’m writing the story… it’s different.
This guest post is part of a 5-day virtual tour sponsored by the National Writing for Children Center, a showcase for children's book authors and illustrators.
About the Book
Title: Beth’s Birds
Genre: Education, Preschool & Kindergarten, picture
Author: Deanna K. Klingel
Publisher: Peak City Publishing, LLC
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Little Beth romps through her personal playground showing how she learns the proper names and characteristics of her bird friends. Her antics come alive in the delightful illustrations.
About the Author
Deanna lives in the mountains of western North Carolina with her husband Dave and their golden retriever Buddy. Their seven children, spouses and eleven grandchildren are scattered around the southeast. Deanna enjoys traveling with her books and visiting friends and family along the way.

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