Guest Post by Debut Children's Author Anita Banks

I still have a hard time calling myself a writer. I have had the dream for so long that it’s hard to believe that publication has become a reality. It’s also hard for me to consider myself a writer because I have a day job that keeps me at work for nine hours each day. Looking at a computer all day deters me from wanting to get on one when I get home.

Finding time to write comes piecemeal, the day determines the outcome. I know that is totally opposite of what everyone tells you to do and sometimes I am hard on myself when my day takes away from my writing. But I try not to stress over my schedule and write when I make the time. Most times that would be on a weekend when I can be alone and uninterrupted.

I have found out that I am a workshop junkie, I love taking online workshops. I don’t think we should ever stop learning. My favorite are character development and plotting. It is so interesting to learn from different people and learn how many different ways others create and what works for them.

I like meeting (creating) characters and learning about them. Some of them haven’t told me their story yet so they are waiting patiently to escape my idea notebook. When they are ready, I hear from them loud and clear.

One of the hardest things I am having to learn is promotion. I am the biggest introvert that I know, I abhor talking about myself. That’s another reason I love creating characters, some of them are wonderful talkers and some I can’t shut up, they can talk for me.

So, as I have become a new published author, I am still learning as I go and soaking up all that I can. Hopefully with more books for children to enjoy!


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About the Book

Title:  Tanner Builds a Block Tower
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book       
Author:  Anita Banks
Publisher: Wee Creek Press
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Tanner is determined to build a tower with his blocks. Despite the distractions of the garden’s various animals and losing his blocks on the way, Tanner joyfully shows determination and perseverance.


About Anita Banks

Anita Banks harbored her secret of writing since she was in junior high school where the desire took seed in a creative writing class. She still journaling, reading, running and traveling, but nothing compares to playing with her grandchildren.


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