Guest Post by Fantasy Author Andrew Cratsley

Many insist traditional publishing is the only way to go, but years of experiences have taught me otherwise. Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows is appealing to a wide spectrum of fantasy fans, yet so many publishing houses refuse to read the work of new authors. Readers are unfortunately denied many great books as a result, but I am grateful to sites such as goodreads, where readers are put in touch with these excellent titles and their authors. Self publishing is continuously growing easier and more efficient to accomplish, and we are finally making our mark in the world. I'm proud to release the dawn of my original series as well as tell a little about it.

Keepers of Runes tells the tale of 4 characters, whose eagerness to assist a troubled world attract far more trouble than they bargained for. They learn tragedy can be caused by the best of intentions, and that the world of Terranesit is far darker than it seems. Consumed with their personal demons, the young heroes must discover themselves in the midst of an ensuing holy war, onslaughts from mysterious and magical creatures, assassins, and much more. I'm ecstatic this first title has earned high praise from reviewers such as Kirkus, Foreword, Pacific Book Review, and several others. Fans of fantasy are encouraged to watch out for future volumes...and my work is far from over.

Please visit my site and follow me on twitter @Mortiscet. My site contains my charity flier to be shared with our libraries and educational institutions. To celebrate my launch, proceeds from September and October will be donated to the World Literacy Foundation to battle illiteracy. A link to my personal store can be found as well and as thanks; I offer my readers a dollar discount for purchasing from me directly. Discount code is under the link to the store.


A native of Honeoye, New York, Andrew Cratsley lives in North Carolina. Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows is his debut novel. Cratsley is a lifelong fan of fantasy books, films, and RPG-style gaming.  A champion of literacy issues and proud supporter of the World Literacy Foundation, Cratsley will donate a portion of the proceeds from Keepers of Runes and the Tower of Shadows to the World Literacy Foundation’s fight against illiteracy.

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