Interview with Ed Grizzle, author of It's Your Decision

Title: It's Your Decision
Author: Ed Grizzle
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 128
Genre: Family Relationships/Parenting
Format: Ebook
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 Children are gifts from God, but parenting those children can often be a difficult task. In It’s Your Decision, author Ed Grizzle shows how parenting can be successful when it’s carried out according to God’s plan. Using his life’s experiences as a guide, Grizzle explores the importance of making the right decisions in life—from choosing the right lifestyle and the right mate and to raising children according to what God has planned for you.

It’s Your Decision discusses
 • planning for children;
 • knowing what children need;
 • being aware of the important years in a child’s life;
 • understanding that children will test parents;
 • valuing the role of grandparents;
 • dealing with abused children;
 • communicating openly and honestly;
 • clarifying family roles.

 Grizzle presents a guide to strengthening lives and making your family life more enjoyable. He shows how this is possible when you accept Jesus Christ into your life; he will show you the way in the difficult times.


Can you please tell us about your book and why you wrote it?

My book is about my life from childhood to present. It was written to help people make changes it their life.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced writing it?

I would have to say editing it. I did horrible in English in school. Also, believing that I was actually writing a book.

Do you plan subsequent books?

I have one that I am presently writing that is dealing with the addictions people face today.

When and why did you begin writing?

Four weeks prior to my wife passing. She sat me down at the dining room table and convinced me that I need to write this book.

What is your greatest strength as an author?

I would have to say, the desire to share my life with others who do or may have had a bad life.

Did writing this book teach you anything?

Yes.  I was smarter than I thought I was, which made my life more livable.

Ed Grizzle started a ministry called It’s Your Decision that helps addicts, prostitutes, and others who face difficult circumstances. He and his late wife, Mary, raised two children. Grizzle currently lives in Illinois
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