Interview with Daron Kenneth, author of Pieces of Me

Title: Pieces of Me
Genre: Poetry
Author: Daron Kenneth
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Pages: 108
Language: English
ISBN - 978-1-46852-289-1

Pieces of Me, is Daron Kenneth's newest offering of poetry that takes the reader on the real and often surreal ride through the mindscape of the author's soul. Pieces of Me is an electric journey into some of life's richest and most memorable moments.

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Can you please tell us about your book and why you wrote it?

My books are merely my personal reflections on the things that I observe and that they were things that inspired me to write about. 

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced writing it?

The biggest challenges are being able to retain a books interest and to try to have the reader see things from the point of view even after it is finished. 

Do you plan subsequent books?

I've written seven books now and even though they are all different from each other they are all similar. I plan to write more short stories, they are my favorite. 

When and why did you begin writing?

I began writing in high school when I took a creative writing course and started writing poetry. I've never stopped writing, I write every day. 

What is your greatest strength as an author?

My ability to write in a way that is describing something in an interesting (or hopefully interesting way). 

Did writing this book teach you anything?

The writing of this book has taught me that I need to write things from points of view. I write when I am manic as well as depressed but should only write when I am in a manic state as it is when I am most descriptive. 


Author, Daron Kenneth, a teacher, writer, play wright and poet gives us his current collection of poetry and insightful observations about the things that mean the most: life, love, friendships and relationships.
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