Interview with Rebecca Marie, author of One Month Week Day Hour Minute Second

Title: One Month Week Day Hour Minute Second
Author: Rebecca Marie
Publisher: iUniverse
Pages: 113
Genre: Self Help/Personal Growth
Format: Ebook
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 Abuse knows no boundaries. It doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, old or young. It can enter your life at any time and stay as long as you let it. In One Month Week Day Hour Minute Second, author Rebecca Marie discusses that the key is to release the secrets, talk about the abuse, and take the power away from the abusers. In this memoir, she shares her personal journey surviving sexual and physical abuse, describing how abusive patterns started at a young age, how negative self-esteem continued to grow, and how it ended in her falling in love with a psychopath. One Month Week Day Hour Minute Second narrates how Marie was victimized and lived in daily fear and despair, but discusses how she chose not to remain a victim and took power over her own life. Hoping to break the cycle of domestic abuse one victim at a time, Marie tells her emotional story to call attention to the problem of domestic violence. Her story shows there is hope for others.   amazon  

Question 1. Can you please tell us about your book and why you wrote it?

I share my personal story of sexual and physical violence and the patterns that started right from childhood to bring me to the point of falling in love with a psychopath. My intention is to awaken every emotion possible so that no matter who you are, you will be motivated to do your part to stop domestic violence, one person at a time.

In the beginning my feelings and thoughts internally debate. Life with him will be better next month; this turns into justifying that it will be better next week; and with constant disappointment, the hope is tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow never arrives. Now I am held captive by each passing hour, minute, and finally, in a constant state of survival mode, by the second. In living this reality for 10 years, I constantly hear my version of what he should have said for our wedding vows:

“Do you take this woman…? 
...To have and to hit, to yell and scream at, to degrade and humiliate, to destroy sexually, financially and emotionally, until death or total loss of hope?—whichever comes first!”

My book, One Month Week Day Hour Minute Second, is my story of surviving domestic violence, and knowing you can’t do it alone.  It is about breaking the silence and taking the power away from the abusers.  I give a completely honest look into my experience with the hope to help others.

Question 2. What were some of the biggest challenges you faced in writing?

Reliving the memories, the emotions and ensuring that innocent members of my family were protected as they too were victims.

Question 3. Do you plan subsequent books?

Absolutely. My goal is to publish another book that shares 5 other women’s stories about surviving and escaping domestic violence.

Question 4. When and why did you begin writing?

I started keeping and writing in a journal as part of my recovery process once I left my abuser 14 years ago. I formally started writing my book over the past 2 years and published my memoir this summer titled; One Month Week Day Hour minute second. Both forms of writing have been extremely therapeutic.

Question 5.What is your greatest strength as an author?

I could imaging in my head, visualize the story, feel the emotions all over again. As I walked through the story I could relive the events. This made the words flow from my head to the computer, forming the foundation and the essence of my book. Another strength of mine is honesty and when something was really difficult to write about keeping my goal in mind that my words are there to help others and to save lives. That kept me going.

Question 6. Did writing the book teach you anything?

That I am a writer and now a published author. That if you hold on to your dreams and goals that you can make anything a reality. I am proud of my accomplishments.
Rebecca Marie enjoys being a mentor and her goal in sharing her story is to help others see there is hope.
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