Scammers Are Using Createspace to Spam Amazon With Pirated Textbooks

Interesting article at The Digital Reader.  I've always wondered how people who pirate books do it.  I had heard there was a way they could come through CreateSpace which makes me a bit leery.  Here's a bit of the article:

The scammers identify a popular textbook, copy the name, and then start selling the paper copy of a pirated book under that name.

They're hoping to sell the pirated book to an unwary buyer who might mistake the knockoff for the legit textbook, and it must be working because they keep doing it.

Take, for example, Practical  Electronics for Inventors. This is a real textbook from a legit publisher, but if you search for it on Amazon you will find that at least two of the results lead to pirated scam textbooks with identical names but different authors.

Read the full article at The Digital Reader.
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