Why I Wrote My Book by John Calicchia

The inspiration for this book came from the things that I love in life. I have always loved reading and writing young adult fiction and fantasy, I am also passionate about my work as a psychologist with young people, and since I have two daughters that I love dearly, I have always been disappointed with the lack of strong female heroines in literature and
movies. Although this has changed a bit recently, not long ago it was difficult to find a female lead character especially in strong action roles.  So I wrote a YA book with strong female characters, and elements of psychology are embedded within!

My publishing experience is probably different from many authors who write fiction. I came from an academic background and have been publishing in the psychology field since the early 90s. However, I didn't feel that my academic books and journal articles were helping the young people I love to work with. So, I decided to write a teen and young adult fiction book that had famous concepts in psychology embedded in the characters and the plot; almost like a self-help book hidden within a fiction book! The book looks like other YA fiction novels, you would be hard-pressed to find the psychological elements in the book. But as you see the characters deal with self-image,  obedience, bullying, evil and racial conflict in fantasy -  you will actually be reading  what the science of psychology has shown to be helpful concerning these problems.There is also a user’s guide coming out soon to help the reader use the book effectively.

Although I have worked with traditional publishers, I decided to publish independently using my own imprint. With indie publishing you maintain much more control over the whole process, but you also have to do a lot more work, especially with the marketing and PR aspects of your publication. Using Create Space and KDP from Amazon was a wonderful experience. The editorial staff was top-notch and the platform is easy to use.  More info can be found at:www.johncalicchia.com  or follow me on twitter: @jacalicchia.

I’m John Calicchia and I write stories of fantasy, action and adventure. In the fall of 2015 my book Mirror World was released! It's a story of two powerful young sisters and their epic battle against evil. But, this book has something in it most do not: hidden secrets. It's a teen and young adult fiction book with a self-help book hidden inside. You see… after publishing in psychology books and journals for decades I felt my writing was not helping the young people I love to work with. So, I took famous psychology studies and put it in the characters and plot in Mirror World. As you become part of the story you can learn about psychology or you can just enjoy the story! You can also get a free copy of the users guide to help you understand the psychology behind the book by joining my website www.johncalicchia.com


John Calicchia Ph.D. is a professor of psychology who also works with children and young adults as a licensed psychologist. He lives near Boston with his lovely wife and two amazing daughters. You can usually find him in the pool swimming with his two big dogs.
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