Interview with M.J. Abrams, author of Chubby Wubbles

Title: Chubby Wubbles: A Ferret’s Tale
Author: M.J. Abrams
Publisher: Trafford
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Format: Ebook
A delightful story about the adventures of a young man and a mischievous ferret awaits in Chubby Wubbles!
This vibrant picture book tells a compelling story about the bond that develops between them. As the story unfolds, their loneliness leads to a fateful meeting and a growing friendship. Together they embark on an exciting journey that progresses with lots of humor, fun, and unexpected drama along the way. Chubby Wubbles will warm the hearts of children everywhere!
Question #1 - Do you listen to music while writing? If so, what do you listen to?
I can’t concentrate with any music playing or outside distractions.

Question #2 - Do you have any suggestions for upcoming writers?

Write a basic short outline of the concept of your story and a flowchart for your storyline. Then review it for your basic idea of the story, making corrections and additions along the way before you write your first draft.

Question #3 - What is it you like to do when you are not reading/writing?

I enjoy going to estate and garage sales, collecting and selling memorabilia, watching sports, gardening, playing with my dog, traveling, and relaxing.

Question #4 - Is there an author/authors that have inspired you?

I like the writing style of J. D. Salinger.

Question #5 - As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a baseball player.

Question #6 - How do you/would you react to a bad review of your book?

I would welcome and encourage any constructive criticism and suggestions, unfavorable or not. It will reinforce any prior comments I've already heard about my book up to this point. An unfavorable review would be from an adult's perspective, so I wouldn't be too upset. I know I wouldn't get any unfavorable reviews from the children who are the intended audience.

After being an observer and non-pet owner, I was thrown into the mix because my son was leaving and I couldn’t bear the thought of him having to give up his pet ferret to someone else. Since I’ve grown so attached to this lovable critter, I agreed to take care of him while he was away. Because of the many experiences my son has had with this adorably sweet animal, I decided to write a children’s book based on a true story about their adventures and misadventures.

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